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Container Freight Rate Insight (bi-monthly archive)

Type / Frequency:
Insights / Bi-Monthly
Current Release:
4th Issue 2010

Container Freight Rate Insight is the word's first and only global source of container market freight rates on all the major routes and is a "must have" tool for shippers, freight forwarders and others who require reliable, independent and well-established container shipping cost benchmarks.

Started in January 2006 on Drewry's own industry-leading initiative, Container Freight Rate Insight is backed by a large, unique database of average freight rates representing millions of dollars of transactions by active freight forwarders in the Far East, South Asia, the Middle East, Europe, the United States, Canada and South America, who provide their freight rates confidentially to Drewry.

Some of the Container Freight Rate Insight benchmarks, notably the Drewry Hong Kong-Los Angeles container rate benchmark, are published once a week in Lloyd's List and in the Journal of Commerce.

The Container Freight Rate Insight benchmarks track the spot market, but the reports also analyse trends and limited information on rates in the annual contract market, where detailed freight rates remain confidential.

Judge its value for yourself.
A sample of the report can be found by clicking on Download Brochure.

Readers also have the opportunity to take out a subscription to the interactive online database where users can:
  • Obtain the region-to-region or port-to-port freight rate benchmarks for a particular origin/destination destination over a particular period, with historical data available on most routes back to January 2006
  • Download the updated weekly rate benchmarks (current and historical) for the transpacific.
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Drewry Publication - Container Freight Rate Insight (bi-monthly archive)


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