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Dry Bulk Forecaster

Type / Frequency:
Forecasters / Quarterly (x4)
Current Release:
2nd Quarter 2016

Drewry’s quarterly appraisal of the Dry Bulk shipping market.

·         Drewry’s 5 year forecasts for the Dry Bulk shipping market

·         Assessment and forecasts of Handymax, Handysize,  Panamax, and VLOC supply and demand

·         Detailed assessments of charter market activity and freight rates

·         An appraisal of shipping finances, including pricing, operating costs and investment returns

Please note: All report tables and charts are also available in Excel format, enabling easy manipulation of report data.

In The News:

2012-02-08 - Tonnage Keeps on Coming
2012-08-13 - Uncertain Future for Dry Bulk Panamax Ships
2013-02-14 - Scrapping to Rise as Bulk Owners Suffer
2013-06-04 - Coal Trade Saves the Dry Bulk Market
2014-05-08 - Bankruptcy Tonnage Unleashed
2014-08-28 - Recovery in Sight for the Dry Bulk Shipping Market
2014-12-03 - Dry Bulk Shipping Set for Further Recovery
2015-02-17 - Dry Bulk Shipping to Recover in Late 2015
2015-05-15 - Dry Bulk Shipping Market Unlikely to Recover Until 2017
2015-09-02 - Dry Bulk Shipping Recovery Remains a Long Way Off
2015-12-02 - Dry Bulk Shipping Will Not Return to Profitability Before 2017
2016-01-28 - Dry Bulk Shipping Needs Drastic Measures
2016-05-04 - Recent Strength in Dry Bulk Shipping to be Short-Lived
2016-08-04 - Dry Bulk Charter Rates Rising on Unexpected Demand Growth

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Drewry Publication - Dry Bulk Forecaster


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