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Drewry Benchmarking Club

Type / Frequency:
Insights / Monthly
Current Release:
Sep 2016

Ever wondered how your shipping costs compare with your peers?

Are you securing the best terms in the market to meet the challenging needs of your business?

These are just some of the issues you will be able to address by joining Drewry’s Benchmarking Club to confidentially and anonymously share information on contract container shipping rates.

Presently, there is wide-spread visibility of spot market container shipping rates through Drewry's Container Freight Rate Insight and World Container Index joint venture with Cleartrade, among others. But there is very little visibility of contract rates on which the majority of cargo moves.

Drewry's Benchmarking Club provides members (importers and exporters but not freight forwarders or NVOCCs) the opportunity to benchmark your shipping costs against your peers and so aid your freight procurement processes.

The concept of Drewry’s Benchmarking Club is that member organisations provide their contract rates confidentially to Drewry. In exchange, we aggregate these with other members' rates and anonymously provide benchmark contract rates based on an average of the submitted rates.

Confidentiality is assured via a membership agreement between each member organisation and Drewry. Members are not required to disclose the identity of their carriers, just their freight rates.

If you are interested in joining or would like more information please contact Cath Earl or Philip Damas at

Why not take a look at our spot rate analytical report - Container Freight Rate Insight -

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