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About the Club

Below is some background information on the club and aggregated statistics to help you understand the profile of members.


Drewry Benchmarking Club was founded in late 2014.



The Club currently has in excess of 60 exclusive 'shipper' members (2018)


Membership profile - Volumes and values

  • Largest: in excess of 150,000 teu per annum
  • Smallest: approx 3,000 teu per annum
  • Total vols moved by members per annum 2m teu (December 2017)
  • Total value per annum: In excess of $2bn USD (December 2017)


Membership profile - Number of routes

  • Largest/most complex: More than 4,500 routes in data table
  • Smallest: 15 routes


Sector representation (December 2017)

  • FMCG: 60%
  • Industrial (incl Paper and Pulp): 26%
  • Chemical: 14%

Key Contacts

Cath Earl

Cath Earl

Product Manager, Drewry Benchmarking Club

Recent News

Satisfaction survey in container transport: Customers more dissatisfied with the service quality of ocean carriers

The service provided by container shipping lines has deteriorated since 2016 and is now seen by exporters, importers and freight forwarders as more problematic, according to the second annual shipper satisfaction survey of Drewry and the European Shippers’ Council (ESC).

Chainalytics and Drewry partner to create Ocean Buying Group for small and medium sized shippers

Chainalytics and Drewry announce the launch of Ocean Buying Group addressing the ocean freight procurement needs of small and
medium sized shippers.

Recent Projects

Market entry strategy for digital 'procure-to-pay' solution

The client wanted to evaluate the readiness of the container freight industry to adopt a value proposition for procure-to-pay automation that incorporates core Mastercard benefits such as payment guarantees.

e-sourcing global ocean tender management solution

Drewry Supply Chain Advisors was selected to manage the 2016 global ocean tender for a US-headquartered global producer of technology products combining procurement best practices, the latest technology and freight cost benchmarks in Drewry’s e-Sourcing Ocean Freight Solution (eSOFS).
The first company to provide detailed and regular slow-steaming analysis for the container industry (Container Forecaster)
The first independent consultancy to publish liner schedule reliability rankings in 2005
Access to an exclusive ocean freight cost benchmarking club comparing costs on over 2 million teu of freight for more than $2.3bn of freight spend.
We were the first to publish benchmark container spot market freight rates in 2006.

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Drewry Benchmarking Club

Drewry Benchmarking Club

Custom Quarterly Reports · Latest release 01 Aug 2018

How do your container shipping costs compare with your peers...? Our Benchmarking Club allows participating members to confidentially benchmark their contract shipping costs against their peers based on genuine, shipper-only, buy rate comparisons. Combine benchmarks and market intelligence with unique rate forecasts to maximise your procurement results.

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