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Organisation and Management Strategy

Client: Shanghai International Port (Group) Co., Ltd

Shanghai International Port (Group) Co., Ltd. (“SIPG”) is the exclusive operator of all the public terminals in the Port of Shanghai. In October 2006, SIPG was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.


SIPG operates the largest port in the world. In 2013, SIPG recorded throughput of 542 million tonnes. In the same year, SIPG handled 33.62 MTEUs of containers.


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Client Objectives

  • Understand the best practice organisational structure and management system of a successful global terminal operator (GTO);
  • Formulate and design SIPG’s organisation and management system;
  • Provide a roadmap for the potential evolution of SIPG’s organisation and management system.


Drewry Approach

  • Drewry interviewed the Senior Management of SIPG to understand the stakeholders’ view;
  • Drewry project members with previous GTO experience conducted an evaluation of the evolution of GTOs. A profile of comparable GTOs was produced to examine the similarities in organisation growth;
  • Drewry provided recommendations on the proposed organisational structure, the phases to the evolution and the approach to coordinating and managing the project.


Results Achieved

  • Describe the organisational structure and management system of a successful global terminal operator;
  • Describe SIPG’s optimised organisation and management system;
  • Determine how SIPG can implement and evolve into the desired organisation and management system;
  • Findings presented to SIPG management.


"Drewry has profound understanding and rich experience in the management, operation and control of Global Terminal Operators. This experience provided the foundation of an excellent project result. Our collaboration with the Drewry team went well, and we look forward to further cooperation in the future."

Ding Songbing, Deputy Manager, Strategic and Research Department, SIPG

Key Contacts

Han Ning

Han Ning

Director - China, Drewry Maritime Advisors

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