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The outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) has laid bare the fragility of humankind and the supply chains that help us to live as we have become accustomed. 

From trade wars to Brexit to global pandemic, so-called ‘Black Swan’ events are becoming more common, so much so, the only certainty today would seem to be more uncertainty tomorrow. For all stakeholders with significant interest in the container shipping industry, rarely has it been more important to keep a weather eye on the horizon and carefully consider what the future may hold.

Figure 1: Drewry world port handling forecast

Figure 1: Drewry world port handling forecast


Source: Drewry Maritime Research


Throughout the pandemic, Drewry’s Container Forecaster has dutifully tracked all of the supply chain disruption along with the volatile swings in supply and demand, providing subscribers with a completely independent and honest assessment of the associated risks and their implications.


While striving for as much precision as is possible in our forecasts, the Container Forecaster team primarily aims to give readers a broader perspective by outlining potential scenarios and assessing their individual and/or collective implications on market dynamics.


Of course, nobody can confidently predict what the future may bring to tomorrow's container shipping industry but as we approach the close of 2020, few will be disappointed to see the back of what has been a traumatic and tumultuous year. Market volatility, however, looks set to continue as the global economy, deeply wounded by the pandemic, attempts a recovery.


While this opaque backdrop will make this year's task of planning and forecasting more challenging than ever, at least knowing the range of probable outcomes will mean that whatever should occur it will perhaps be something less of a surprise.



Drewry Container Forecaster

Container Forecaster is Drewry's flagship quarterly analysis and outlook for the container shipping market. This long-standing and highly respected publication is widely considered as the go-to reference for what is happening in today's and will likely happen in the future global container industry. Helmed by a team with decades of experience, Container Forecaster provides unparalleled insight, data and forecasts for container trade and regional port volumes. Each quarterly update provides both historical and forecast analysis of the market, including:

  • World container trade and regional port volumes forecasts
  • Global supply and demand outlook
  • Trade route supply and demand analysis
  • Global and East-West trade freight rate forecasts
  • Carrier profitability analysis
  • Charter market and sales & purchase


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Simon Heaney

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