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Multipurpose Shipping Market Review and Forecaster (Annual Subscription)

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June 2017

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Multipurpose Shipping Market Review and Forecaster

Multipurpose and heavy lift

This annual subscription which is updated quarterly, provides a wealth of information in four major areas of the multipurpose and heavy lift market; trade, fleet, market, economics and costs.


Over the past 10 years, dry cargo volumes have grown at an average annual rate of 4%. Within that figure, bulk cargoes have grown at 4.6% and container cargo has grown at 5.0%. As the multipurpose sector straddles both the container and bulk markets, Drewry evaluates the dry cargo market share of the MPV fleet based on assessments for both tramp and liner tonnage. This market share is based on our assessment of the demand for cargoes from competing fleet sectors along with the expectation for the general cargo trade as a whole.

Trade volumes barely grew over 2015, less than 1% in all cases, the market share attributable to MPV vessels dropped as competition for cargoes in a weak market was particularly fierce.

Looking into this competitive sector, the Multipurpose Annual market Review and Forecast presents insight on:

• Breakbulk cargo such as steel, including crude production forecasts to 2020 and an analysis of steel product bilateral trades
• Dry cargo analysis covering forest products, construction materials and fertilisers
• Project cargo: potential growth in volumes in million tonnes forecasted through to 2018
• Port volumes for major US, Chinese, Brazilian, Saudi Arabian and European ports
• Forecast demand and market share through to 2020 broken down into Containers, Major bulks, Minor bulks and General cargo



  • The multipurpose fleet by vessel type, broken down into No of Vessels, Total, Minimum, Maximum and Average Dwt, Grain Capacity (cbm), TEU and Average Age for MPV, HL, PC, PCC and General Cargo (including barge carrier) vessels.
  • Project carriers and heavy-lift vessels broken down by Dwt and age into MPV, HL, PC and PCC vessels.
  • Multipurpose vessel including heavy lift demolition, fleet development and orderbook through to 2020
  • Multipurpose vessel operators


  • The current breakbulk market including the Drewry All Earnings index through to 2015

  • Time charter rates and estimated development of time charter rates for container orientated Multipurpose vessels

  • Market trends for the short term future, through to 2016.

  • Supply-demand balance including forecast balance for Multipurpose vessels to 2020

Economics and costs

  • Multipurpose vessel operating costs for both 5-10,000 Dwt and 15-20,000 Dwt vessels including Management & Administration, Insurance, Repair and Maintenance, Stores and lubes and other cost considerations
  • Indicative operating and manning costs forecasted through to 2020 for 5-10,000 Dwt and 15-20,000 Dwt vessels
  • Development of newbuilding, second-hand and demolition prices by type and Dwt for the period 2005 to 2015
  • Voyage and bunker costs for 2005 to 2015


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  • Market-leading report, unrivalled depth of analysis and sector insight
  • Subscription package comprises of the Annual Review and Forecast full report supported by quarterly sector updates
  • Annual report tables, charts and graphs provided in MS Excel format


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VLGC asset values to fall in sync with freight outlook
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Increasing long-haul crude trade insufficient to support tanker shipping rates

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Spectre of oversupply haunts chemical shipping

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Firm demand will continue to support dry bulk shipping

Drewry expects dry bulk shipping charter rates will continue to recover, with firm demand and controlled fleet growth, according to its latest Dry Bulk Forecaster.


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