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A drop in the ocean

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Significantly lower marine fuel prices are reducing big containerships’ cost advantages. Drewry Maritime Advisors examines the impact on carriers’ network planning.

Bunker prices are now at a low level not seen since the early 2000s. When bunker prices increased five-fold, to levels in excess of $600 per tonne, lines responded with a number of cost saving measures as they focussed on bunkers as the biggest single cost item in their business.

However, with the complete reversal of that trend, and bunker prices now in the range $100-150 per tonne again, Drewry Maritime Advisors has examined how this change in the line’s cost structure may influence the way in which they plan and operate their networks.

To read the full article, including Drewry’s view, contact us [Ref CIW A drop in the ocean].