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LNG Market Outlook Briefing

LNG Market Outlook Briefing

Webinar · 13 July 2021 · Presenter Aman Sud

LNG shipping market update, hosted by Aman Sud.

Ports and Terminals Market Briefing

Ports and Terminals Market Briefing

Webinar · 8 June 2021 · Presenter Eleanor Hadland

Ports and terminals market update, hosted by Eleanor Hadland and Martin Dixon.

Dry Bulk Market Briefing

Dry Bulk Market Briefing

Webinar · 2 June 2021 · Presenter Rahul Sharan

Dry bulk shipping market update, hosted by Rahul Sharan, Diksha Goel and Ishan Dafaria.

LPG shipping market outlook

LPG shipping market outlook

Webinar · 27 May 2021 · Presenter Aman Sud - Ishan Dafaria

LPG shipping market update, hosted by Aman Sud and Ishan Dafaria.

Reefer Shipping Market Outlook

Reefer Shipping Market Outlook

Webinar · 11 May 2021 · Presenter Philip Gray

Reefer shipping market update, hosted by Martin Dixon and Philip Gray.



Officer shortfall to reach decade high by 2026

Officer shortfall to reach decade high by 2026
02 June 2021: Diminishing attractiveness of a career at sea, coupled with rising man-berth ratios and continued fleet growth will lead to the highest shortfall of officers to crew the world’s merchant fleet in over a decade by 2026, with important implications for both hiring and future manning cost inflation, according to Drewry’s latest Manning Annual Review and Forecast.

Reefer container freight rates soar but remain outgunned by dry box rates

Reefer container freight rates have risen sharply this year but remain far outgunned by the inexorable rise in dry box pricing, according to Drewry’s newly launched Reefer Shipping Forecaster report.

Drewry and Freightender partner to bring all-in-one ocean freight procurement e-solution to medium sized shippers

Drewry and Freightender announce they have entered a value-add partnership, combining Drewry’s industry leading ocean freight cost benchmarking and procurement support services with Freightender’s cloud-based, next generation procurement technology platform.

Multipurpose earnings rally at risk from overordering in competing sectors

The rapid recovery in earnings for multipurpose vessels is expected to slow from the second half the year as capacity constraints and supply chain disruptions in competing sectors ease, according to Drewry’s latest Multipurpose Annual.