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Port of Oslo Environmental due diligence

Client: Infranode

Infranode engaged Drewry with regards to the Yilport Oslo container terminal in Norway that they were looking to invest in. Drewry conducted a desk based Environmental due diligence reviewing the ESG written policy and a desktop review of the operation at Yilport Oslo terminal. Drewry assessed the suitability of the facility’s environmental standards/measures. Drewry assessed if there were any potential economical liabilities related to environmental considerations and whether those required legal protection. Drewry also assessed if these should be identified as clauses within any contractual agreement between the client and Yilport Oslo. Drewry populated a checklist to understand how Yilport were dealing with these environmental issues. Drewry also covered both the technical and market due diligence work.

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Key Contacts

Leticia Astudillo

Leticia Astudillo

Technical Lead, Drewry Maritime Advisors

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