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Sector Expertise

LPG Shipping

The gas trade has witnessed rapid growth due to emergence of an increasing environmental consciousness among the emerging economies; alongside production increases in the US and other oil and gas producing countries.  In this context Drewry’s advisory team has been increasingly working with shipowners, traders, pure play investors and industrial users in the sector. The scope of work in LNG/LPG tankers has straddled a wide variety of assignments including market analysis, lender’s due diligence, asset valuation and seafreight strategy formulation.

Our service capabilities

Commercial and market assessment

  • LNG/LPG shipping market outlook
  • Projections of earnings and asset values
  • Vessel valuation (Charter free, Charter attached)
  • Residual Value assessment
  • Investment due diligence of target company
  • IPO/Private placement support
  • Seafreight strategy development for industrial users
  • Freight rate benchmarking
  • Counterparty due diligence and credit analysis
  • Strategic planning and investment
  • Mergers and Acquisition assistance
  • Market entry and exit

Technical due diligence of vessels (to assess seaworthiness of vessels)

  • Desktop technical due diligence
  • Health, Safety and Environment due diligence
  • Oversight supervision of vessels under construction
  • Operating cost benchmarking
  • Physical inspection of vessels


Financial assessment

  • Financial modelling
  • Earnings benchmarking

Key Contacts

Jayendu Krishna

Jayendu Krishna

Director, Drewry Maritime Advisors

Recent Projects

Chemical tanker market outlook with long-term time charter revenue projections

Drewry provided a detailed chemical tanker market outlook with long-term time charter revenue projections to a European-based chemical and product tanker owner-operator.

Indonesian International and Domestic Shipping: Port and Logistics Market Study

To assist with identifying potential investment areas, Drewry was engaged to conduct a market study of various sectors (including tankers and liquid bulk ports); areas of analysis including market size and dynamics, key players, profitability and growth prospects.


$6bn: The combined value of container shipping industry investments we have advised on since 2010.


$20bn: The value of financing projects we have provided commercial due diligence advice for in port M&A since 2010.


The number of countries in which our Maritime Advisors have completed assignments since 2005.


Our advisors have been involved in over 400 port assignments over the past 10 years.