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Ocean Freight Cost Benchmarks

We have been aggregating, mining and publishing ocean freight rate intelligence for over a decade and were the first to publish benchmark container spot market freight rates back in 2006.

Our container freight cost benchmarking services fall broadly into two categories:

Container Spot Market Rate Insight

Our flagship spot market benchmarking service, Container Freight Rate Insight, is one of the most widely referenced in the shipping industry. This online service is hosted at


The data that powers this online research service is updated as follows:

  • Bi-monthly on all 681 routes
  • Monthly on most high volume trade lanes and
  • Weekly on five key trades via Drewry’s Hong Kong-Los Angeles Benchmark and data from the World Container Index.

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Each benchmark includes rates for both 20ft and 40ft dry box containers. Key trade routes covered include the transpacific, Asia-Europe, transatlantic, Middle East & South Asia trades, North-South trades (South America, Africa & Oceania), intra-Asia and intra-Europe trades. In most cases rates for both headhaul and backhaul trades are provided.

Container Freight Rate Insight

Those with an enhanced subscription to our online service can search our entire library of freight rate data going back to January 2006 and download the results to your device in xls format. Search Rates includes the following key features:

  • Search and select single or multiple port pairs to view and download current freight rates of your choice to your device.
  • Select and download freight rate history going back on 2006 to assess key trends and trade cycles.
  • Download freight rate data to your device in Excel format.
  • Download either all-in rates or a breakdown of the base rate, bunker adjustment factor (BAF) and terminal handling changes (THCs).

N.B. The rate benchmarks represent spot market rates for Full Container Loads paid by freight forwarders to ocean carriers for a particular month or week. They are affected by seasonal and short-term supply-demand factors, notably by the peak season in the trades from Asia.

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Flexible 'search rates' and export functionality

Contract Rate Intelligence - Dry Containers

Drewry Benchmarking Club

Closely aligned to our spot rate service is Drewry Benchmarking Club an exclusive, participation-based service open to importers and exporters which allows them to track their contract rates against their peers.

Membership to Benchmarking Club is open to importers and exporters only - not Freight Forwarders or NVOCCs - and allows participants to confidentially benchmark contracted ocean shipping costs against their peers. Member organisations provide their contract rates confidentially to Drewry. In exchange, we aggregate these with other members’ rates and provide anonymous benchmarking information for each member’s specific routes.

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NB As part of their package all members benefit from complimentary access to an advanced subscription to Container Freight Rate Insight.


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Contract Rate Intelligence - Reefer Containers

Reefer Benchmarking Club

Drewry’s Reefer Benchmarking Club

  • Exclusive to shippers (importers / exporters) and freight forwarders/NVOCCs
  • Access to container contract rates as well as spot market rates
  • Access to freight rate forecasts and comprehensive market assessments
  • Individually tailored and customised quarterly reports for each member
  • Two annual webinars on the key trends in and forecasts for global reefer markets
  • Confidentiality assured

Key Contacts

Stijn Rubens

Stijn Rubens

Senior Advisor, Supply Chain Advisors

Recent News

Global BCOs hit by 4th quarter of rising contract rates from Asia

Contract freight rates paid by Beneficial Cargo Owners to move their products by container have increased for a 4th consecutive quarter, according to actual contract rate data from the Drewry Benchmarking Club.

Drewry warns BCOs to adapt their contract strategy

International transport and logistics executives using container shipping are facing the biggest shift in their ocean provider base for 20 years, and must adapt their procurement and contract strategy, according to Drewry Supply Chain Advisors.

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Join us at 1700 BST on Tues, 26 September 2017 for an online briefing during which we will share our analysis and recommendations on new challenges, new technology and new opportunities for this year’s ocean contract negotiations for BCOs/shippers. The session will be hosted by Philip Damas, Head of the logistics practice at Drewry, and Chas Deller, Associate Consultant at Drewry. Both executives will be available to take questions following a short 20 minute presentation.
The first company to provide detailed and regular slow-steaming analysis for the container industry (Container Forecaster)
The first independent consultancy to publish liner schedule reliability rankings in 2005
Access to an exclusive ocean freight cost benchmarking club comparing costs on over 2 million teu of freight for more than $2.3bn of freight spend.
We were the first to publish benchmark container spot market freight rates in 2006.

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Join our exclusive Benchmarking Club and find out how your contract rates compare to your peers.

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Understand how your carriers are performing with our online Carrier Performance Insight service.
Drewry Benchmarking Club

Drewry Benchmarking Club

Custom Quarterly Reports · Latest release 01 Jun 2017

How do your container shipping costs compare with your peers...? Our Benchmarking Club allows participating members to confidentially benchmark their contract shipping costs against their peers based on genuine, shipper-only, buy rate comparisons. A complimentary subscription to Container Freight Rate Insight, our popular online spot rate checking service, is included in the membership package.

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Container Freight Rate Insight (Annual Subscription)

Container Freight Rate Insight (Annual Subscription)

Online Service · Latest release 31 Aug 2017

The world’s first and only global source of container spot market freight rates on all the major routes. An essential reference for importers, exporters, freight forwarders and other industry stakeholders requiring up-to-date and independently researched container shipping cost benchmarks.

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