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Dry bulk chartering strategy: Who fared better?

Dry bulk chartering strategy: Who fared better?

23 Oct 2020

Various Dry Bulk vessel operators deploy different chartering strategies. In this edition of the DMFR’s weekly EDCs, we look at three of the top Dry Bulk operators, who, despite having similar fleet composition, employ very different chartering strategies. COVID-19 and its effects were unexpected, to say the least. And today, almost a year after the pandemic began, we look at how each operator has fared so far, and which strategy has worked best.

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Diminishing seafaring appeal to tighten officer availability

Diminishing seafaring appeal to tighten officer availability

19 Oct 2020

Officer availability varies significantly by nationality and rank, with important implications for recruitment, retention and wage rates, particularly in light of tightening labour market conditions.

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China-Australia tiff to hit dry bulk demand

China-Australia tiff to hit dry bulk demand

16 Oct 2020

The Chinese government has prohibited the import of Australian coal, which will be detrimental for dry bulk vessels as Chinese importers will shift from Australia to Indonesia and Mongolia, resulting in a decline in average haulage length and a loss in shipping demand.

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Riding the waves

Riding the waves

16 Oct 2020

Container trade has been resilient during the pandemic as consumer confidence has been given a shot through government support.

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Is HPHT fairly valued?

Is HPHT fairly valued?

15 Oct 2020

Since its IPO in 2011, Hutchison Port Holdings Trust (HPHT or the company) stock has been on a downward trend (down ~90%). In the more recent years, the company’s equity market performance has been battered by a number of adverse events including i) Hong Kong’s inability to cope with increased competition from its Chinese counterparts, ii) the US-China trade war, and finally iii) COVID-19-led trade disruptions.

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Drewry launches exclusive membership Club as part of 50th year celebrations

Drewry launches exclusive membership Club as part of 50th year celebrations
As part of celebrations to mark our 50th anniversary, we have introduced an invitation only membership club for our advisory clients and long-standing subscribers of our maritime research services.

Drewry highlights transformation of rate conditions in transpacific container shipping

Unprecedented transpacific spot freight rates signal that a transformation of the container shipping sector may be underway and that shippers need to adapt.

Reefer shipping to outpace dry cargo trade despite container shortages

Growth in seaborne perishable cargo slowed in 2019 but is forecast to better weather the COVID-19 induced economic storm than the dry cargo trade given the broader resilience of the food supply chain, according to Drewry’s latest Reefer Shipping Annual Review and Forecast.

Drewry launches detention and demurrage support service

Drewry Supply Chain Advisors launches new service combining relevant data points with best practice insights to help BCOs more effectively manage these costs.


Port Technology Container Terminal Automation Conference

Eleanor Hadland to discuss terminal automation benefits and opportunities for larger terminals and smaller facilities.

Coastlink Conference Antwerp 2020

Chantal McRoberts will present our market outlook for European short sea ports.

Intermodal Asia 2021

Tim Power to discuss the global overview of the container shipping market.