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Key Contacts

Hu Qing

Hu Qing

Lead Analyst, Drewry Maritime Research
Melissa Charn

Melissa Charn

Project Manager, Drewry Maritime Advisors

Chemical Shipping

Chemical tankers are engaged in bulk and parcel trade involving hundreds of chemicals. To accomplish this, most chemical tankers have segregations which allow them to carry a variety of chemicals in a single voyage. These chemical tankers are also characterised by technical, regulatory and operational complexities. At Drewry, we keep a close eye on it.

We have highly experienced team of professionals who have onboard as well as board room experience therefore we are capable of advising on all aspects of chemical tanker shipping:

  • Financial Institutions (ship finance banks, asset management companies)
  • Investors

  • Leasing companies

  • Tanker operators


Services offered

  • Commercial and market study
  • Chmical tanker market outlook (in terms of demand, supply, earning and asset values forecast)
  • Valuation
    • Vessel valuation (Charter free, Charter attached)
    • Residual Value assessment
  • Freight rate benchmarking
  • IPO/Private placement support
  • Developing freight cost assessment model for contract negotiation
  • Counterparty due diligence

Strategic planning and investment

  • Seafreight strategy development for industrial users (Thermal Power plants)
  • Investment due diligence of target company
  • Mergers and Acquisition assistance
  • Market entry and exit

Technical due diligence of vessels (to assess seaworthiness of vessels)

  • Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) due diligence of crude and product tanker company
  • Oversight supervision of vessels under construction
  • Operating cost benchmarking
  • Physical inspection of vessels

Financial assessment

  • Financial modelling
  • Earnings benchmarking

Key Contacts

Hu Qing

Hu Qing

Lead Analyst, Drewry Maritime Research
Melissa Charn

Melissa Charn

Project Manager, Drewry Maritime Advisors

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