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Rhett Harris


Senior Manning Analyst


BA (Brighton University)




+44 20 7538 0191



Rhett Harris

Rhett leads Drewry’s manning research practice and has been with Drewry since 2008. 


Rhett leads Drewry’s seafarer research arm, including responsibility for the company’s long established Manning Annual Review and Forecast report. He also has extensive consultancy expertise having undertaken numerous surveys of ship operators on seafarer management practices and conducted projects forecasting manning cost development and officer availability.




Rhett has spent over 10 years undertaking surveys to provide benchmarking data and analysis on seafarer wage rates and associated manning costs across different nationalities and vessel types, as well as seafarer availability assessments. He has had a long-established association with Drewry, supporting both its research and consulting activities.


Rhett joined UK-based Precious Alliance in 2008 as a Survey Consultant before becoming a Director in 2013, providing benchmarking services to the global maritime industry focussing on seafarers working on all vessel types in the industry. He undertakes regular market surveys of international tanker officers covering 20,000 seafarers and 1,500 vessels, as well as other similar surveys separately covering the dry and offshore sectors.


Rhett plays a central key role in supporting Drewry with information on seafarer wage rates and associated costs, as well as officer manpower projections. In 2019 he became Editor of Drewry’s world renowned Manning Annual Review and Forecast report as well as contributing editor of the Ship Operating Costs Annual Review and Forecast report. He is responsible for Drewry’s research and consultancy services covering seafarer costs, employment practices and availability projections.


Rhett holds a degree in Accounting and Finance at Brighton University, UK

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