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Ship Operating Costs Report 2019/20 - Now available

Nov 2019: Ship Operating Costs Annual Review and Forecast 2019/20 is now available to purchase online.

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Martin Dixon

Martin Dixon

Director, Head of Research Products

Ship operations and management

Latest opinion: 17 Sep 2019

How big a threat are autonomous vessels to seafarer demand?
Vessel automation and digitisation will reduce future seafarer demand, but the medium-term impact is expected to be limited.

19 Mar 2019: Hardening marine insurance market to drive up shipowner premiums
Shipowners experienced a marginal increase in marine insurance costs last year, marking the end of a six-year run of declining premiums, according to Drewry’s Ship Operating Costs Annual Review & Forecast, as asset values recovered and the insurance market showed signs of turning. Changing market sentiment and rising claims in related sectors is driving costs up, leading many to wonder why the insurance market is turning, how high costs might rise and for how long?

10 Apr 2018: P&I insurance costs to remain flat in 2018 but to rise thereafter
Drewry looks at the prospects for protection and indemnity (P&I) insurance costs.

We offer a unique combination of specialist expertise and experience to support the operational, technical and strategic needs of ship owners and operators.

Everyday operational and management concerns are clearly a vital dynamic of the maritime industry and every year Drewry's research team publish two comprehensive reports analysing and predicting operational overheads and specific management and resourcing considerations for owners, operators and other stakeholders.

Drewry's two annual management/operational reports:

Ship Operating Costs provides information and analysis of ship operating costs for 46 different ship types and sizes, while the annual Manning report reviews the trends in seafarer (officer and ratings) in the past decade and forecasts seafarer requirements five years ahead.

Meanwhile, our consultants typically provide shipowners, investors and leaders with technical due diligence support, in addition to other ship operations related advice.

An elite and diverse group of industry stakeholders from shipowners, to charterers, investors and financial intermediaries rely on our range of market research, sector expertise and commercial experience to help inform decisions, reduce costs and drive performance improvement.

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Key Contacts

Martin Dixon

Martin Dixon

Director, Head of Research Products

Key Contacts

Martin Dixon

Martin Dixon

Director, Head of Research Products

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Ship operating costs rise on higher R&M and insurance spend

Underlying vessel operating cost inflation accelerated moderately in 2019 on higher repair & maintenance and insurance spend, while costs are expected to continue rising at a similar pace in 2020, according to Drewry’s latest Ship Operating Costs Annual.

Manning costs to rise below inflation on easing officer supply shortfall

Manning costs have risen moderately over the past 12 months, checked by easing officer supply shortage, and are forecast to rise at a similar pace over the next five years, according to Drewry’s latest Manning Annual Review and Forecast.

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Ship Operating Costs Annual Review and Forecast 2019/20

Ship Operating Costs Annual Review and Forecast 2019/20

Annual Review and Forecast · Latest release 28 Nov 2019

One of Drewry’s flagship reports, Ship Operating Costs 2019/20 provides one of the most complete annual assessments of ship operating costs available in a single source. The report contains historical data for the period 2014 to 2018, assessments for 2019 and forecasts to 2024.

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Manning Annual Review and Forecast 2019/20

Manning Annual Review and Forecast 2019/20

Annual Review and Forecast · Latest release 29 May 2019

Is seafarer supply matching the demand from today’s global fleet? Drewry Maritime Research’s Manning Annual Review and Forecast 2019/20 report tackles this critical question and sets out the facts concerning wage rates and terms of employment that dictate the cost of manning vessels today.

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